Planting Trees

With each purchase a percentage is donated to in support of reforestation.Beginning in 2020 with your support, 200 trees were planted and to date, 1,050 trees have been planted!Plantings are in areas where reforestation is needed most.As always, thank you for the support.Check out to learn more.(above logo & hero image credit to

Commitment to Sustainability

Today marks a momentous occasion in the world of artistry, sustainability, and philanthropy as we proudly announce the launch of Jen Gerena Design ( This new online platform is more than just a destination for beautiful hand-drawn designs—it's a movement, a commitment to sustainability, and a heartfelt dedication to the environment.

Founded by the talented artist and eco-enthusiast, Jen Gerena, Jen Gerena Design is a sanctuary for those who appreciate the elegance of hand-drawn artistry. Jen's captivating designs are brought to life on premium recycled papers, setting a new standard for eco-conscious creativity.

But Jen Gerena Design is not just about creating beautiful pieces of art; it's about giving back to our planet. Jen is deeply committed to environmental conservation and sustainability, which is why a percentage of the proceeds from every sale goes directly to planting trees. These trees will not only help combat climate change but also contribute to the restoration of our precious ecosystems.

In the spirit of giving back, Jen has partnered with renowned environmental organizations, ensuring that your purchase at Jen Gerena Design goes a long way in making our planet a greener and healthier place for generations to come.

In her own words, Jen shares her vision: "Jen Gerena Design is more than a brand; it's a mission to create art that connects people to the beauty of the world around us. We're dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and actively participating in environmental conservation. By choosing our designs, you're not just acquiring a piece of art; you're investing in a greener future."